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Sucasa @ Mombasa Road – construction photo update 11th-October-2013

logo assetsThe below represents the update for the construction works that are ongoing;






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(34) Comments

  1. jane maingi

    on   said 

    i have booked a two bed roomed unit for sucasa i think number 43. i wish to change to a three bedroomed unit . have paid up to the second installment and am due for the third installment soon. so far have being paying faithfully. i therefore ask;

    1. when will the three bedroomed units be ready for occupation
    2. the difference of 1,300,000.00 how can it be spread so that i dont feel oppressed.?

  2. Interested Buyer

    on   said 

    Hallo Suraya

    Checking out the developments so far and nothing much seems to have happened since the last update?

  3. george

    on   said 

    i have booked one but going through the banks mortgage system why cant the original survey map be found by the banks valuers to enable them give a report to the banks and to conclude the deal
    two years of looking for the original survey map from the survey institute has not borne any fruit and not with one or two but many valuers to the extent that there is high suspicion ….please call me and explain on 072830070

  4. lynette

    on   said 

    when is the expected completion time for the one bedroom apartments.
    when can we begin to occupy the apartments

  5. lois Munala

    on   said 

    I am interested in the 2 bed roomed master en suite apartment on Mombasa Road.How much are they going for and when do you expect to complete them

  6. Jerusha Simaloi Waruingi

    on   said 


    Was wondering whether you still have apartments left for sale/for booking especially 1 bedroomed. Who are your financiers or i can get my own?

    If I have half (i.e 50%) of the aamount for 1 bedroom apartment, can I pay it and then I pay the next 50% in two(2) instalments?

  7. Beatrice Muthoni

    on   said 


    I have booked a one bedroom apartment at Sucasa.
    When is the expected completion date for this development?


    on   said 

    Hi,we are almost paying the 2nd last instalment,kindly give the direction so that we may view before we depost and when is the expected date of completion?Please update us.

  9. flora

    on   said 

    hi, am interested in a unit either on mbagathi road or mombasa road. kindly email me the details and cost for two and three bedrooms in both projects.

  10. Hello,

    We reply to individual queries via the email addresses you provide. You will all receive personalized info. as per your questions/queries via email.

    Thank you for your time and interest in our developments.

    Suraya Property

  11. jacob kisero

    on   said 

    Please may you let me know where the mombasa road project is located. please this is important for my decision making.

  12. peter

    on   said 

    hi suraya and company,

    i wish to know if i can lease your swimming pool and the primary school structures for a period agreeable between yourselves and my lawyers.

  13. Benedict

    on   said 

    Hi am interested in the 2BR going for 3.4m are they still available? and where exactly in Mlolongo are they situated. atleast mention a landmark


    on   said 

    Let me know the location and the value for 3 bedroomed house along Mombasa Road.

  15. Joseph

    on   said 

    Hi am interested in studio apartment. When can I begin paying for it. Second when can I occupy it?

  16. Am interested in two bedroom apartments: one in Nairobi west and other along Mbagathi road,possibly on second or third floor .How do i go about it. I d pay cash slowly.

    Thank you

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