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Sucasa @ Mombasa Rd – Construction Photo Update as at 14TH-January-2014

The below is a pictorial representation of the construction works that are ongoing at the Sucasa Site.



























DSC02016 DSC02015 DSC02012 DSC02002 DSC02001 DSC01999










(36) Comments

  1. jeenifer kimani

    on   said 

    Hello, do you have any project on offer (off plan) please? sorry to bother you again but i really
    want to buy a house.
    Thanks Kindly

  2. Hey Jennifer, all our projects are off plan..i hope you received the feedback via your email.Thank you for your interest in our developments.Please pay us a visit at our head office in Spring Valley – 0712 219 106 or 0786 575 947/8 to see the show houses for the Lynx & Sucasa Apartments, The Falls @ Riverside, SV Business Park and other models of our projects.You are welcome.

  3. Diana

    on   said 

    Hi Suraya, what became of the Tiara gardens at Kerarapon? Any projects going on there yet please let me know of any projects along Kerarapon area. Thanks

  4. Patrick

    on   said 

    Hello, I am interested in buying a three bedroom unit in Sucasa @ Mombasa road. I visited the site recently and for sure I was impressed. However, the access road from Mlolongo is not pleasing at all especially a depression where a bridge is being constructed. Are you planning to have tarmac from Mlolongo to the site? Thanks

  5. Hello, our Sales Team has/will followup on your queries and comments via email. Thank you for taking time to comment here.

    The road from mlolongo will be made much better for easy access to the estate in due course. We have to follow the regulations & procedures on the same.

  6. Lizah Keru

    on   said 

    My name is Elizabeth, I would like to know about prices please if you don’t mind. How much are your ranges? Reply please.
    God bless.

  7. Rose Boit

    on   said 

    Own 1 acre property and interested in the development of the plot either as flats of maisonettes.

    Need advice on this

  8. Stephen MWangi

    on   said 

    When is the Sucasa project getting completed? I’m paying for one apartment and I would like to know

    the completion date so that I can plan accordingly.


  9. Jeremy Bundi

    on   said 

    I am interested in 4 Sucasas on Mombasa ; 2 adjacent on 1st floor 2 others on 2nd floor but am not sure when is the expected project completion date for occupation . Please send details of the project completion date

  10. Clement

    on   said 


    Can i get any information about loneview i.e location, size, amenities proposed /available and how to book one?


  11. Wangui

    on   said 

    Hi Suraya,

    First off, I must say you two are such an inspiration! Second; may you be blessed by the Lord God for giving back (hopefully you two aren’t scamming people)

    And third; I would like to buy 2 Bedsitters for two brothers of mine who currently reside in slums :’-(
    What I want to know is; how much is the end price for a bedsitter when bought via mortgage? Can I buy the 2 bedsitters at 950K each…cash??

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  12. Maggie Isindu

    on   said 

    thank you for job well done so far. Me and my hubby are interested in buying a 3 bedroom apartment in Sucasa msa rd,how much is it?


  13. Sharon

    on   said 

    Hi i am interested in Sucasa two bedrooms ensuite are they still available and at what price. Is it possible to visit.

  14. christopher

    on   said 

    am interested in buying the commercial building like the mails or shops,are they on sell or i need to rent.

  15. Goretti Burgmair

    on   said 

    My name is Goretti please , i want know if you have bedsitters which are already finished am very serious.

  16. Hello,

    We reply to individual queries via the email addresses you provide. You will all receive personalized info. as per your questions/queries via email & for followup purposes too.

    Thank you for your time and interest in our developments.

    Suraya Property

  17. Maureen

    on   said 


    What’s the update on Sucasa Mombasa road? When is the completion? Can I do the viewing? Am paying for a two bedroom ensuite.

  18. Kevin Wabungo

    on   said 

    Hi there,

    I hop you are well.Please let me know if there are any available bedsitters at the Sucasa development. I am more that interested with this project. In addition please send me the expected ROI for the same.


  19. James Njoroge

    on   said 

    Hi Sucasa,

    I have bought one of the 1 bedroom units and would like to know the following:
    *Do you have some updated photos of the houses?
    *Have you completed the access bridge after the turnoff from the main road at the quarry and how is the access road for saloon vehicles?
    *When is the expected completion date for the project?

  20. mildred

    on   said 

    kindly update us on the Mombasa road Project, we applied for a two bedroom, when Will the houses be ready, are three bedrooms still available?

  21. ken

    on   said 

    kindly furnish me with the details for Mombasa road apartments.
    Are they the ones behind EKA HOTEL, and are they still available and are you offering them on mortgage and on what terms?

  22. shadrack

    on   said 

    I want to know if you have any apartments available of betweenn 2m to 3m kshs,i want to pay cash for the same and move in

  23. David G. Ngondi

    on   said 

    Kindly advise if the 3 Bedroom ensuite(SUCASA Msa rd) are available. Are the price schedule on your site the latest updated? When is the expected completion date? Where are the show houses located- at the site or your offices? I’d like to come view. Kindly let me also know if your offices are open on Saturdays.

    Finally, please furnish me with any other info including brochures and pics in my e-mail address.

  24. Purity Muchiri

    on   said 

    Hi Suraya Team,

    I have received very good news about your work, kindly confirm the location of Sucasa and cost for 2 bedroom.



  25. Hi
    Our chama has bought a three bedroom house in Mlolongo.
    Kindly advise the progress? When is the completion date?
    Are there updated photos of the progress

    kindly advise


  26. Hi there, Well done Suraya Property… we applaud you for the great work you are doing for the Society.
    We would like you to start some projects in MOMBASA also.

    Do you have any Projects on offer at MOMBASA
    Best Regards,

  27. kamau

    on   said 

    Hi, my wife and I need a one bedroomed house. Kindly provide me with information on available projects within Nairobi

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