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Plence Architects Ltd, Architects and Interior Designers is a full service commercial firm.


Our cross – disciplinary approach results in an uncommon level of refinement to our Residential/Commercial work and allows us to create spaces imbued with warmth and spirit.

We adore details – we respect budget and time. We design to suit your taste requirements and lifestyle and crate living working spaces that are both pragmatic and beautiful.

Our secret – we listen to our clients.


We ask questions, take notes and shape our plans accordingly. One our understanding of the clients is in focus; we proceed with speed and confidence. Our design process is flavoured by a famous saying by Architect Piere Sartogo “What can be conceived can be created”.


From conceptual sketches, to renderings, CAD drawings, models and animated flythroughs, etc, we create visuals that make our design team and client a common reference point for discussion and development.


The design becomes tighter and more honed to the requirements of the project. Without losing the freshness and creative sparks of its inception. Plence Architects Ltd Interior/Architecture was founded in 1992 by Architect Pete Muraya as Plence International.


In 2005, we changed our name to more succinctly reflect our services and to align our brand with the vision of our founder and managing principal to Plence Architects Ltd, from a modest beginning with three people and a skeleton facility, we have grown a staff of 20 and enjoy an office resplendent with state of the art equipment, software and resources. We have established a healthy three tier management structure which enables us to operate with maximum efficiency and innovation.


In terms of projects the Firm Plence Architects LTD has achieved an extensive of projects reference in union with one of the Leading Property Development Company SURAYA PROPERTY GROUP LTD, under this arrangement the Firm has achieved an impressive projects portfolio including the Just completed ROSSLYN HEIGHTS ESTATE and the enjoining ROSSLYN GARDENS ESTATE; both Gated Communities based on the Suraya’s guiding Principle of WORK, LIVE and PLAY


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