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Encasa @ Mombasa Road Phase II - Mombasa Road - Nairobi

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Now Selling, Ongoing Project Starting From Ksh 3,190,000 - Apartment

Project Financed By

Suraya is introducing “The Starter Home” for the first-time home buyers, called “ENCASA”.

Encasa @ Mombasa Road brings a complete lifestyle development on Mombasa road area. The development is located Off Mombasa Road, behind Mlolongo. It occupies a total of 12.5 acres and will have a total of 625 apartments.

The Apartments are located in 14 courtyards with each courtyard having two or three blocks of apartments. Each Block has 5storeys.

The Encasa @ Mombasa Road targets the first-time home buyer, who is looking for a quality affordable home.

The development will be provided with:

  • A private clubhouse with 2 basketball courts and a play area that included one for children that is well equipped.
  • A Primary/Secondary and Nursery School, a Children Home and a Shopping Centre are to be built on the land.
  • A secure Access Control System for the whole estate.
  • A dedicated Matatu Park is provided near the Shopping Centre and includes a covered seating shed.
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Agent Suraya Sales Ltd (Encasa @ Mombasa Road)

Suraya Sales Limited is a subsidiary of Suraya Property Group incorporated in 2006. It is the duly appointed…
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